Dhruv Bandwal showcased his collection ‘Harutti Doriyan’


New Delhi: Dhruv Bandwal showcased his collection ‘Harutti Doriyan’ to the fashion

industry during the recently held at Ebix Fashion Show (EFS) 2017 organized by

Ebix India Pvt. Ltd, under the supervision of Ms. Aanchal Jain and & Mr. Tarique

Nadeem at Stellar Gymkhana Greater Noida.

Dhruv, who have been in this industry for almost 5 years, have designed almost all

sorts of outfits but the sole of his inspiration has always been his hometown Harutti.

It is a part of Rajasthan, situated in south-east. Harutti was once called the Bundi

kingdom, which is famous for its small industries, education, workmanship,

embellishment, and its culture.

At the time of its festivals and fairs, the whole of Harutti region gets embellished with

the colour and exuberance.

Dhruv showcased women wear on the ramp with former being the highlight of the

show. He presented a total of 14 outfits which were elegantly carried by 1 male,

himself and 13 female models.

Belonging to this village in Rajasthan, Dhruv was always fascinated by colors,

embroideries and mirror work which are very much visible in my outfits.

“There is an immense love for this place in my heart and this is why I decided to

dedicate my first collection to my childhood place. Getting inspired by these colours

and the place, the collection is all about Harutti, workmanship, embellishment and

Doriyan,” Dhruv said while interacting to media.

Despite being an experience fashion designer, it took Dhruv months of research and

hard work to design, illustrate and make the final outfits.

While making the outfits, the main motive in his mind was to catch the attention of

the younger generation.

“Fashion is something that is not limited to a certain segment or community. So I

designed all the garments keeping various age groups and personalities in mind.

But main motive was to attract the youth. The youth nowadays like to experiment

with the Indian garments. So my collection is traditional yet trendy. I tried to put all

my knowledge of colors, fashion and culture in my collection,” he added. According

to Dhruv, his struggle and hard work has paid off well and he is really happy with the

appreciation he has been receiving of late.

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