FAN caught into a legal mess!


King Khan’s latest release “Fan” gained a lot of appreciation from fans as well as critics, everyone welcomed this movie by open arms. But now as per the sources, the makers of the film have landed themselves in a trouble over a scene in the film.

Reports suggest that, a sweet shop owner from Chandni Chowk, Delhi sued the ‘Fan’ team for using its brand name without the owner’s consent. Owner of the Ghantewala sweets, Sushant Jain has alleged the infringement of trademark. As such, the owner has sought compensation from the makers.


As narrated in movie, SRK’s character Gaurav Chopra takes a box of Sohan Halwa in two different scenes. Firstly, when his parents handover the box to him as he leaves for Mumbai to meet his favorite superstar and secondly, when he drops the sweet box when he gets caught up in the hustle bustle outside his idol, Aryan Khanna’s residence.

Whereas, the sweetshop has been shut since last 3-4 years, and as obvious the owner somehow earn a good popularity by suing the makers of the film.


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