I am a lot like my MOTHER, she is of very SOFT NATURE: Aamir Khan


While on one hand Punjab is getting succumbed into ‘substance abuse’ (as shown in the film Udta Punjab), on the other hand perfectionist Aamir Khan says people are good and polite in the villages of Punjab, based on his experience while shooting for his upcoming film ‘Dangal’.

According to a report in a leading daily Aamir Khan was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the villages in Punjab! He was quoted saying, “It has been a very nice experience in every way. There are facilities and people here are very humble, helpful and most importantly they meet everyone with respect. Our work is not in offices but on streets, villages and in public areas, so it will be very difficult for us if people at locations where we are shooting won’t cooperate. Our main set for Dangal is the Gujjarwal village where Mahavir lives with his family, we found Gujjarwal to be the ideal village. We also shot at Kila Raipur. We have combined Kila Raipur and Gujjarwal village and shown as one village in the film. I was in Gujjarwal for two months and each day whenever I used to reach sets in the morning, people of that area where we were shooting used to stand outside their homes to welcome me and so was the case every day when I used to leave sets after day’s work. That was so polite; it is the way they make a person feel welcome. It is not just their love for me; I think this is ingrained in their personality. I go to many places when I shoot and I don’t see this anywhere. When we first shot ‘Rang De Basanti’ in Punjab, I was surprised that people were so polite. I also met very nice people in Kutch, they are very loving. People are loving everywhere we go, but the level of hospitality is remarkable in Punjab.” (sic)

The ‘Mangal Pandey’ star said it’s not possible to talk to every individual the meet each day and gave a valid reason that why they look down while going to any event or any other places!

“The reason that stars or any celebrity keeps his eyes on the ground mostly is because if he would fail to address or look at anyone, people would think he is arrogant. But it is not so. But I am patient. I am a lot like my mother, she is of very soft nature,” says Aamir. (sic)

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