I am not abnormal to be without relationships : Priyanka Chopra


Actress Priyanka Chopra finally opens up about her relationships. Recently the actor was quoted saying to the international media that “she has always been in relationships but she’s never dated anyone.”

This statement from PeeCee created buzz in India and everyone started quizzing her for her past relationships.

Now, the actress has come out and cleared her stance!

As per recent reports, PC has clarified her statements that she made internationally and has also explained in depth what she actually meant.

“I have always been open about saying that I have had relationships. I have been professionally and personally blessed. It is just that I don’t want to talk openly about my relationships until I get married. This quote was from an interview that I gave in the US. I was trying to tell them that we don’t really have a concept of dating, where we have dinner and then we might or might not call the other person the next day. There is lot more answerability in our culture.”

“Next I know, it went viral. I have never said I don’t have relationships. I am not abnormal to be without relationships. I just hide it better than you.”

“My whole life is on Google. Let me keep some private parts to myself. I want to be known for my work, my accomplishments, not anything else. There’s always speculation about who I am with, but that’s part of being a female public figure in this industry,” she concluded.

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