Salman doesn’t accept gifts and asks to give it to Being Human : Jacqueline Fernandez


Actress Jacqueline Fernandez who starred with Salman Khan in 2014 film “Kick”, says that he doesn’t accept gifts instead asks to give it to his Being Human foundation that supports the underprivileged in India.

“Whenever you speak to him, he always brings up Being Human. He is so passionate about it. And mind you, it’s not because the cameras are on. It’s always about Being Human,” Jacqueline.

“So much that whenever he is given a gift, he says give it to Being Human. He doesn’t like accepting them. He really helped me regain my confidence. He is one of the best mentors anybody can have. He makes you believe in yourself and that’s what he survives on,” she added.


She admires Salman as her inspiration.

“He is always there for someone who is in need and very approachable. This is something that I have learned from him. Because someone helped me when I needed it the most, I also try and help whoever I can,” she said.

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