Salman Khan planning to become father??


Bollywood star Salman’s fans are always waiting eagerly to get one of the most anticipated answer from the actor. Yes, and this is for the question when will Salman Khan marry? The actor has also kept the masses in suspense since long for the same. Though Salman Khan has apparently been in relations with many beautiful ladies in his life, no love relation has turned out to be a wedding knot. Salman has also kept a safe distance when it comes to marriage.

However, now there is some good news doing the rounds. The actor who will be turning 52 this December, is reportedly planning to be a father soon. According to the reports, Salman Khan’s mother wants him to have a child and so the actor might be opting to become father though surrogacy in next 2 to 3 years.

Earlier also, Bollywood stars have opted this way for becoming a father. Recently Tushar Kapoor had a child through surrogacy. Bollywood king khan Shahrukh also got his cute son Abram through surrogacy while filmmaker Karan Johar too had two children through the same. Thus joining them, it is now reportedly said that Salman too is planning to have child through surrogacy.

We all know that Bhaijaan is very fond of children. Through the videos and pics of Salman and Arpita’s child Ahil it can be seen that Salman loves children.

In a Recent interview to a daily Salman mentioned that, “I do want to have a child, but with a child, the mother comes. And when the mother comes, big complications happen as I am not the husband material. I am the father type. It will be unfair for anyone to think that I will change him. I will not change. I sometimes feel surrogate type ka ho jaye, but then look how close we are to our mothers so when the kid grows up he or she will ask maa kaun? They will then think that my father for his own selfish reasons has kept us without a mother. And then my parents too would like to see my children. So it’s all very complex.”

Well, now as the speculations are high on Salman Khan becoming father through surrogacy, we never know when this big surprise will come. So let’s wait and watch for this good news!!



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