‘We ate spicy Pakistani food at home’ : Nargis Fakhri


Actress Nargis Fakhri Nargis Fakhri confesses her love for food and chocolates and says she ate Pakistani food at home.

The actress was quoted as saying, “When I was really young, we ate spicy Pakistani food at home. Mom cooked Pakistani food rather well. Then my parents split and mom introduced us to her kind of food. Czech food has a lot of meat and pork. I grew up in New York — and the city is multi-cultural — so I was exposed to all kinds of food traditions. I particularly love Southern American food.”

In the report, she further added, “I can’t resist red velvet cake or chocolates. I stock up on chocolates from across the world. Gulab jamuns, kheer, kulfi, Bengali sweets…bring it all on!. My guilty indulgences are butter chicken and dal gosht.”

Talking about her favourite cuisine, the “Rockstar” actress said, “I like Thai food. The soups are amazing. I love a bowl of Tom Yum soup at the end of a long day. Some time back, I ate Malvani cuisine for the first time in Pune and I remember tweeting about it. I like the coconut flavour and the way seafood is cooked in Malvan. I often add sardines with onions to my food. Japanese is another cuisine I am fond of.”

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