Wow! This will be your reaction once you get the gist of this news!


It’ll make you wonder about India’s Incredibility. It’s the Fashion world on which India’s government is going to work on. Recently the government decided to promote “Indianness” into the Indian fashion Industry. Because if we see now a days the glamorous world of fashion in India is mostly obsessed with the western ideas of fashion e.g. various cuts and different styles.

But this time the fashion designers of India have decided to raise their way of thinking towards fashion completely by tying a knot with Indian Textile Industry.

On this note, Smriti Irani, who is the current Textile Minister of India, has taken an initiative for this Indigenous Textile project. Mostly the events of fashion have been organized putting Khadi, Bandhani, Banarasi Silk and many other Indian weaves. Textile Ministry is voraciously promoting Indian handloom with the support of Smriti Irani, organizing various events and bringing Indian handloom to the fore. A recent event, “Textiles India 2017” at Mahatma Mandir in Gujarat was one such mega event. At that time Sunil Sethi, president, FDCI, and founder of the Sunil Sethi Design Alliance, was quoted saying that “the fashion fraternity’s prominent presence at the event showed that the industry has come a long way from being ‘just glam’ to a more serious body contributing to the “Make in India” campaign”!

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