Movie Review : 7 Hours To Go


RATING: ★★✩✩✩ 2/5

DIRECTOR: Saurabh Varma

CAST: Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Varun Badola, Natasa Stankovic

STORY: Arjun Ranawat (Shiv Pandit) taking seven hostages with him in the High Court because his girlfriend is shot dead in public by some powerful builder mafia man. Now he demands to correspond with a police officer called Shukla Ji (Sandeepa Dhar), who he believes is the only person that provide instant justice. The time given to her is seven hours. The baffled cops start investigating about him as the clock ticks by. Do they win this race against time? Do they win this race against time?

REVIEWS: In “7 Hours To Go” filmmaker Saurabh Varma tries to make a hostage-drama-meets-heist movie that is quintessentially Mumbai. This movie will make you remind of ‘A Wednesday’, where a common man demands action by shaking up the system. “7 hours to go” draws from films of the familiar genre but fails to do anything new with them. It is still engaging up to the point of introduction of characters – an overtly Maharashtrian cop, an unconvincingly pretty lady cop in charge, a designer beard sporting shady builder villain and a childlike psychopath serial killer.

This movie is mind numbing. What was touted to be taut thriller, ends up as a damp squib. It probably had a promising idea on paper but loses the grit in transition. The film is decently photographed but overdoes the Mumbai crime movie cliches.

The screenplay moves at snail’s pace and is completely devoid of tension. A horde of characters crowd the screen without adding much to the plot. Be it the lame mimic artiste who doubles up as a shooter or the hyperventilating television journalist whose moment of glory is watching a female cop changing her shirt, the subplots have no real meat.

Despite being the prime character, Shiv Pandit has only a handful of dialogues. He is adequate but the story doesn’t let him push beyond. Sandeepa Dhar as the hysterical shrieking bombshell of a cop looks good but her over the top rendition doesn’t speak highly of her acting skills. Varun Badola is probably the best thing about this film as he slips into the role of a quirky cop with flair, pushing beyond what the script had for him.

Overall, this movie is not upto the mark. By lacking both the smarts and the menace of a thriller “7 Hours To Go” fails to make you stuck on the seats.


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