Movie Review : Fredrick


DIRECTOR: Rajesh Butalia

CAST: Prashant Narayanan, Avinash Dhyani, Tuhina Butalia

STORY: “Fredrick” is said to be a psychological thriller. Suspended cop Vikram Dixit (Avinash Dhyani) who is caught in the human trafficking nexus when his sister Shikha got kidnapped from Mussorie. He and his wife set out on their journey to get her back. The mastermind of this named Fredrick a mafia, whom no one knows and no one has ever seen. How Vikram managed to saved his family from unknown mafia?

REVIEW: This movie “Fredrick” which is a psychological thriller, seems exciting. Alas, it is not! It starts with a prologue that takes you back to Fredrick’s ‘humble’ beginnings. His back story is cringeworthy, the one that involves a teenager coming to terms with his sexual orientation, a father with massive anger management issues and a dramatic night that changed everyones lives. At its core, the development of plot got weak which doesn’t made for a watchable film. And the writers fail to infuse tension and drama, making it a flat tale that lacks intensity.

You can surely spot the climax from a distance, in this movie if you have watched a handful of good films. But that doesn’t spare you the horror of sitting through a bland story about a hapless cop, who needlessly weeps and bawls and lacks the smarts that his job entails. His relentless search for Fredrick starts abruptly and though there is enough talk about the man looming large over everyone, his mention lacks menace.

The film wastes too much time in dramatizing the story. Its a kind of slow movie. Director Rajesh Butalia’s directorial debut “Fredrick” is an interesting mystery thriller narrated in the most convoluted manner, making the viewing experience complex. The scenes in the plot run in loops with actuality, dreams and versions totally confusing and boring the audience.

On the performance front, Prashant Narayanan as Manav aka Fredrick is intriguing. He has a deep voice and a strong onscreen persona, but unfortunately, he delivers his lines unenthusiastically. He also lacks the energy required for the character. Avinash Dhyani in his debut performance as Vikram is realistic, he delivers what is required of him but he lacks the sheen of a lead performer.

Over all, “Fredrick” which begins on a promising note, finishes on a disappointing one.


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