Movie Review : Udta Punjab


DIRECTOR: Abhishek Chaubey

CAST: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh

STORY: Four parallel lifes with different tracks, that of a Punjabi rockstar, Tommy Singh (Shahid) a Bihari migrant, Kumari Pinky (Alia), a Sikh cop, Sartaj (Diljit) and a doctor, Preet (Kareena) address the insurgence of the drug menace in Punjab. Their lives are sometimes linked to one another but usually not. How come they make their life stable?

REVIEWS: So finally it happened! One of the most awaited movie of the year, who became the talk of the town coz of its battle controversy with Censor board, has finally managed to get a proper release this week.

The plot of “Udta Punjab” has already known by everyone, it’s the makers’ mirror to the society on how drug consumption has taken its toll on the youth of Punjab. So, told through the lives of four individuals. Tommy Singh aka Gabru (Shahid Kapoor) is a popular rockstar known for his abuse-filled songs, and his drug-fuelled lifestyle. However, when police arrests him for misdemeanor and puts him behind bars, he begins to re-evaluate his life. Alia Bhatt plays a Bihari immigrant working on the fields on the border of Punjab, when she comes across a drug package thrown from across the border. In trying to sell the package and earn fast buck, her whole life goes like a nightmare and becomes a living hell for her. Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is an ASI in the Punjab police force, working under a corrupt senior who is mentor for him. Though he normally turns a blind eye towards the drug trade in his town, when his younger brother gets hospitalised due to drug overdose, he decides to wake up and take action. Enters Dr Preet (Kareena Kapoor Khan), who becomes his support in his tirade against drug trade, which they realise has some heavy political power behind it.

“Udta Punjab” is a dark and serious film. Also the film’s screenplay (Sudip Sharma, Abhishek Chaubey) jumps through multiple stories at the same time making it complicated. Abhishek Chaubey, who gave a glimpse of his supreme directorial abilities with his previous films like ‘Ishqiya’ and ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ faces a challenge to narrate the dark story of “Udta Punjab” and does manage to do so. As the film progresses however, it does seem to slip in parts, especially in the second half. In an attempt to narrate multiple parallel stories, Abhishek Chaubey struggles to keep it engaging in the latter half of the film.

Well the one of the biggest assets of the entire film is star cast and their performances. Shahid Kapoor once again manage to surprise you with a nerve-wrecking performance. He manages to pull off his role well while bringing in much needed humour in this otherwise serious film. He is strongly supported by the talented Satish Kaushik in the film.  Alia Bhatt once again proves that she is one of the most wonderfully talented performers of her generation, she for sure has tried her best to portray a Bihari character in the film and does complete justice to her part. Kareena Kapoor Khan is good in her part. And Diljit Dosanjh, who makes an impressive debut in Bollywood, also serves a power-packed performance.

The film does have its share of decent music (Amit Trivedi) with a couple of hummable tracks like ‘Chitta Ve‘ and ‘Ikk Kudi‘, though one feels that a stronger music album could have helped the film. On the other hand, the film’s background score (Benedict Taylor, Naren Chandavarkar) is impressive and helps the film’s narrative.

The film’s dialogues (Sudip Sharma) are mainly in Punjabi and quite impressive. While the film’s cinematography (Rajeev Ravi) is average, the film’s editing (Meghna Sen) could have been tighter.

Overall, “Udta Punjab” is a risk taking stuff in Indian Cinema. It works as an eye opener. Everyone involved in the making of the film should be lauded for backing such a film. At the same time, it is bold and brave in parts with strong performances by all actors. We can say its a MUST WATCH movie of the year. So, guys just go and watch this movie on! And stay connected with



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