Wow! Shah Rukh Khan Offers A VFX Job To His Fan


Can anybody imagine Shah Rukh Khan offering a job to one of his fans through a social media site? Well! this is true as the superstar who is all set for his upcoming movie Fan’s release, gave an opportunity to the one who has recently created another trailer of the film. The trailer is made by Shivam Jemini, who has actually learned visual effects from Fan’s original trailer. Jemini wrote, “I have worked on it for more than 60 hours (Because the reason behind learning VFX is also ‘you’, Red Chillies VFX) so that you’ll see this and wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. Hope you’ll see it and like it”.

And there came a blessing in disguise for this ultimate fan of Khan when the superstar himself tweeted by saying,  “come and work with us at the v fx studio man. Well done”.

This is the reason why Shah Rukh Khan is actually the king of Bollywood! The film is going to get released on April 15 this year.

Watch Fan Trailer

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