OMG !! Rangoli Called Hrithik Roshan “Stalker Uncle”


The Kangana Ranaut – Hrithik Roshan scandal is out in the open again after Roshan’s police complaint was leaked and made public by a TV news channel. On Monday, Republic TV revealed the first part of Hrithik’s last year’s sensational 29-page complaint where he alleged Kangana of stalking and hounding. The report further added fuel to the entire issue and it spread like wildfire over the social media platforms in no time.

The complaint alleges that it was Kangana who was constantly pursuing the actor and also describes him as her ‘eternal lover.’ Hrithik claims he was ‘repulsed but out of decency ignored those mails’ and accuses the actress of sending ‘sexually explicit’ emails. While the actor has not yet responded to this complaint, her sister Rangoli Ranaut has hit out at Hrithik Roshan by calling him a “stalker uncle”.

Rangoli posted a series of tweets in an angry tone:

She has targeted Hrithik Roshan that “Kangna was in school when Roshan made his Bollywood debut, if not in the film industry, her sister would have called him uncle.”

“Everyone can tell who is the stalker here,” she tweeted while also noting that a “young beautiful talented rich girl like Kangana” didn’t need to stalk an “uncle” like him. She ended her rant by advising “stalker uncle” to focus on his children and wife


It remains to be seen how Hrithik will react to the entire relapsed episode!!

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