Will Go Back To Bigg Boss House If Salman Khan Apologises To Me: Zubair Khan


After being verbally thrashed by Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11, The eleminated contestent Zubair khan has decided to stand up against the host.  He filed a police complaint against Salman Khan yesterday and said that he will consider going back to the show only if Salman offers him a public apology.

In a recent interview with media Zubair has opened up on the treatment bestowed on him by Colors, Bigg Boss and the housemates.

When media asked about after elimination situation he said, “As soon as I was out, Colors called me and asked me to get back on the show. I told them that only when Salman Khan will apologise to me would I get back. I will not compromise on my self-respect now. He needs to say sorry to me for all his harsh words and accept that he did wrong. When I went to Lonavala, people mobbed me saying that they loved my performance. Even the panelists agreed that I was doing well. If in a week I got so much love, how could I get fewer votes?”

Asking about Arshi khan he said,” That woman only speaks filth. She not only uses the dirtiest of expletives but also insults religion. She used verses of Quran to abuse people and as a believer of my faith I had to stand up against her. The channel easily edited out her wrong doings and my reaction was put on highlight. That’s completely wrong. She is a ghatiya aurat and she pushes everyone in the house to bring out his or her worse side. I was wrong and I have been apologetic about it. But why did Salman not take a stand against Arshi? Why did he not pull her up for her behavior? It’s only because she is giving ratings and has no connection with the underworld.”

Talking about Hina Khan, He said “It is a mad house and people will react. I am thankful that Hina stood by me and supported me. I had shared my personal story with her and she assured me that she would help me out. Her encouragement got me to tone down my behavior to a certain extent and I was on a way of a better living before this happened. People should come and speak to my associates outside the show and understand what kind of a person I am. They should realise that I was a changed man. I was into charas (drugs) and I have come clean, but no one can see the positive in me.”

“I have already registered a complaint against Salman and now I also want justice from Colors. They misused my name and my identity to gain ratings. I plan to sue them for maligning my image. They were the ones who told us to abuse, not knowing that their host will have an issue with it. Also I wanted to be identified as a father longing to get his kids but they also shot my introduction video with the underworld theme. Colors did not care for my self-image and ruined my life for the sake of ratings.” Zubair concluded.

Let’s see how Salman and his fans would react to Zubair’s demand.

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