Pahlaj Nihalani who launched Govinda, Neelam, Divya Bharti to launch new faces in his new production

Pahlaj Nihalani who launched Govinda, Neelam, Divya Bharti to launch new faces in his new production

Pahlaj Nihalani

Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani is all set to return to his first love: filmmaking. And he won’t work with any of the established A-listers. Apparently when news spread of Nihalani’s plans to return to film production after 9 years, actors Akshay Kumar and Govinda with whom Nihalani shares a cordial relationship in the past were considered as sold back-ups for the producer’s comeback plan.

But Nihalani plans to launch new faces in his next production. “I’ve always believed in giving new talent to the film industry. Govinda was introduced by me, and so many others like Neelam, Divya Bharti, Suniel Shetty, Samrat, Manik Bedi, Niki Aneja, Ritu Shivpuri, Rageshwari, even the veteran theatre actor Govind Namdeo was introduced to cinema by me. I was to introduce Kangna Ranaut in a film that never got made and Madhuri Dixit with Govinda in Ilzaam. But then Boney and Anil Kapoor stepped into the picture and whisked her away. I’ve also introduced director David Dhawan and choreographers Tharun Kumar and Vaibhavi Merchant.”

Nihalani feels it’s time to introduce new relent into the industry. “I feel the film industry desperately needs new talent. The established actors are holding the film industry to ransom. Some of them don’t bring anything to the table. Before signing a film, they want to know which corporate house a project is attached to. And finally when a film is released most of them can’t bring in any audience. I feel the established stars do not justify the big pay packets they take home. I’ve decided to launch two more new faces in my next film.”

A nationwide hunt for a male and female newcomer would be launched next month. Says Nihalani, “I feel there is a dearth of new talent and fresh faces in the film industry. The Indian heartland has so many talented young people waiting to be discovered. I promise the audience and my film fraternity my new faces for my next film will make the same impact as Govinda and Divya Bharati when I discovered them.”

Source: Bollywood News

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