Revealed: How Lisa Haydon bagged her first Bollywood film

Revealed: How Lisa Haydon bagged her first Bollywood film

Lisa Haydon

Newly married Lisa Haydon is currently enjoying her honeymoon phase with husband and business tycoon Dino Lalvani. The actress, as some of them may be aware, made her Bollywood debut with the Sonam Kapoor starrer Aisha.

Her role as a glamorous corporate was appreciated by one and all, even though it was more of an extended cameo. Terming it as a sheer luck by chance, Lisa was spotted by Anil Kapoor whilst she was sitting at a coffee shop. While this story is known to all, the actress revealed some more details about how she bagged her first Bollywood project and added that she was late for work that day and decided to stop over at the coffee shop. She had just returned to India and knew that Anil was a celebrity. The actor-producer flashed his charming smile when he saw Lisa seeing him and she became a little nervous considering that she knew he was famous. As she walked out, he approached her and said ‘hello’ and asked her, her name.

Soon after, Anil apparently contacted Lisa’s agency and got her details. The next thing, the model knew was that she was approached for Aisha. Claiming that it was ‘random’, Lisa laughed it off stating about how it was unbelievable to bag a role after being spotted at a coffee shop.

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