Alia Bhatt encourages adoption of street dogs, cats through COEXIST


Alia is now campaigning the welfare of street dogs and cats. Having rescued and fostered animals since a young age, Alia wants to raise awareness about the plight of strays and how each one of us, through simple acts of kindness, can ensure a better and safer environment for these animals.

Alia Bhatt champions the welfare of street cats and dogs
Alia’s sweet gesture to street cats and dogs

Alia said “Street cats and dogs are often subjected to immense cruelty because of the misconceptions surrounding them. Living on the streets, they have no safe shelter, are injured or run over by callous drivers and are left traumatized from the loud sounds of firecrackers and loudspeakers, during festivals and events. Through this campaign, we hope to change attitudes and help people embrace a sensitive approach towards our strays.”

Recently she posted a photo on her Instagram account, captioned “Because indies are strong, have beautiful souls and a lot of love to give. #coexist

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