Kaay Re Rascalaa – Movie Review


Movie – Kaay Re Rascalaa

Director – Giridharan Swamy

Producer –  Priyanka Chopra, Madhu Chopra 

Rating –  4/5

Marathi movie “Kaay re Rascalaa” which is produced by Purple Pebble Pictures;

which is basically Priyanka Chopra’s production. Actress Kunika Sadanand is the

associate producer in Priyanka’s Purple Pebble Productions. Through this movie

Cinematographer Giridharan Swamy is doing debut in direction. “Kaay re

Rascalaa” movie consists the stars like, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Bhagyashree Mothe

Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Akshar Kothari and Supriya Pathare.

This is a movie which serves you the perfect comedy entertainment of

Maharashtrian and South combo. It’s a story of young boy and his friendship with

little champ. The younger boy name is Raj(Gaurav Ghatnekar) who is in a lead role

and Bhagyashree Mothe is a heroine of this film. The little one Guddu(Nihar Gite)

is playing a character of Raj’s little friend. The story revolves behind both of them.

The youngster Raj has portrayed his character as a very smart guy. The guy who

knows everything to turn the things by his side and his dream is to become rich by

anyhow. Then the little one enter into his life, who is playing a character of a little

struggler child actor, who wants to become an actor. In the middle of this story

Bhagyshree Mote and Raj fall in love. And here after that the real story began.

How Raj and Guddu becomes friends. And keep it lasting till to the end.

Besides that songs are so interesting. Especially “Kohinoor” and “Yarri” is rocking

the theater. The “Kohinoor” song has sung by Sonu Nigam and “Yarri” is from

Shaan. “Yarri” song is catching the audience attention.

So…. Well !! it’s good family entertainer movie. This movie gives you the full on

entertainment for this weekend with Maharashtrian and South Indian fun.


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