Movie Review: Ki and Ka


When we talk about gender equality and breaking the taboos existing in the society, there are hardly a few films in Indian cinema that have been successful in presenting serious stuff. “Ki and Ka” is one such film with good script, engaging dialogues and characters that relate to real life.

Kia(Kareena Kapoor) is a flamboyant, career oriented woman, who aspires to have the life of a millionaire, while Kabir(Arjun Kapoor) relates himself with his artist mother. Kabir believes that it is important to live a life of your own, be free and work for yourself. While Kia believes in the fact that struggle leads you and is important for survival. The two delve into a relationship, even after having varying interests and lifestyles, start living a normal middle class life. Kia gains popularity and becomes a celebrity figure after intensive hard work, whereas Kabir waits for her to be back home, day and night. Meanwhile, he indulges himself to live that housewife kinda role, when people start recognizing his talent. Now, Kabir becomes the pie of every eye, especially women. As, Kabir begins to enjoy the little glamour that has given him some space of his own, Kia becomes agitated and feels envious due to more attention being given to his husband, who according to her does nothing but be at home. Then starts the usual tension between the couple, however they try their best to resolve it out. The story much connects to many real life situations and gives a unique message to the audiences. Women are not meant to be housewives and men not for being the regular source of income, taking the financial burdens of the family. The film leaves us with giggles and a matter of gender equality to be discussed in an all new manner.

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