Anupam Kher’s Indian cab driver in New York did not recognise him. Actor shares hilarious video

Anupam Kher shared a video from New York, where his Indian cab driver did not recognise him.

Anupam Kher met an Indian cab driver in New York and shared a post about his fun interaction with him. Kher said that the driver did not recognise him till the end of the ride. And when he finally did so, he had an adorable reaction. Kher also wrote that he was not charged for the ride.

Sharing the video, Kher wrote, “Encounters in NY: #JugalKishore ji from Panjab, a yellow cab driver in NY for 30years didn’t talk to me through out my ride with him. He didn’t recognise me. Later he gave me the most flattering and the funniest reason for it. . He kept hugging me. We were both happy. And as always no fare was charged. #IndiansInNY #Generosity #LifeLessons.”

Just a while back, Kher released his autobiography ahead of the release of his film One Day. He posted the news on Instagram and wrote, “I started writing my autobiography at the age of 10… Because I have lived my life so fully I developed an almost photographic memory of most events – re-calling at will reminiscences both big and small – encounters and events, visual and voices, sounds and smells. It is pure magic that my autobiography is now organically gaining a voice, shedding light on the people who have touched my life, holding a mirror to my existence – a pulsing chord that links the 10-year-old to the person I am today.”



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