Saif Ali Khan Has Been Chasing After Taimur And Coaxing Kareena To Teach Him Yoga

It’s been well over a week since the national lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, and everyone is cooped up at home, only leaving to buy essentials or in case of emergencies. Our Bollywood celebs, too, are chilling at home, and are still getting used to all the sudden free time they have on their hands!

While Saif Ali Khan has been relaxing at home watching popular web shows like Fargo and Narcos, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been busy Instagramming! In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Saif also revealed that he has been working out, and asking Kareena to teach him some yoga.

He says, “I wake up early and get some exercise in. Fortunately, we have a treadmill at home and I’m coaxing Kareena to give me some yoga lessons. Chasing my kid (Taimur) around the house is also a good workout.”

Besides working out, Saif Ali Khan has also been busy teaching Tim the basic of gardening. He shares with the website, “I remember my grandmother pruning and grafting roses. Now, I’m the one explaining the concept of growing plants to Taimur, teaching him how to press the seeds into the mud in the pots and pour water, and then wait for the seedlings to peep out with surprised delight. Today, we planted tomatoes; it’s all very nice and peaceful. With both parents around all the time, my son is having a blast!”

Well, that’s quite productive, we must say!

In an interview  Saif shared that he’s ‘planning to start reading King Lear or Richard III.’ “I also want to finish [John] Milton’s Paradise Lost. A large part of my library consists of books on occult, religion and horror fiction. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and The Oxford Collection of Ghost Stories are great picks as well,” he concluded.

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