Shilpa Shetty mirrors Sanjay Dutt's particular stroll on Super Dancer 4

During a scene of Super Dancer 4 including Sanjay Dutt as a visitor, Shilpa Shetty duplicated his unmistakable walk. Watch the video here. 

Sanjay Dutt will be viewed as a visitor in the impending scene of Super Dancer 4 and the hopefuls will perform to his hit melodies. In a new promotion shared online by Sony Entertainment Television, Shilpa Shetty, one of the appointed authorities of the show, was seen mimicking his unique walk. 

The secret started with the exhibition of challenger Florina, who moved to Tamma, initially picturised on Sanjay and Madhuri Dixit. Sanjay called Florina's presentation 'awesome', and said, "Jis hisaab se inhone naacha hai, yeh agar primary ek saal bhi practice karta toh nahi kar paata (The manner in which she has moved, I would not have the option to, regardless of whether I practiced for a year)." His remark left Shilpa in parts. 

In the second 50% of the promotion, Shilpa imitated Sanjay's unmistakable walk and she was joined in front of an audience by her co-makes a decision about Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu. 


A prior promotion from a similar Super Dancer 4 scene showed Shilpa and Sanjay making that big appearance to move to their famous number, Aaila Re Ladki Mast, from Jung. They were subsequently joined in front of an audience by every other person, including her co-judges and the hopefuls. 

Sanjay and Shilpa acted together in movies like Hathyar, Jung and Dus. 

Last month, Shilpa got back to Super Dancer Chapter 4, in the wake of getting some much needed rest for half a month because of the capture of her significant other Raj Kundra in July. He has been blamed for being the 'key schemer' in a sexual entertainment racket.